Esua Media

Esua media is a creative marketing firm with an astounding mix of talent and profession that offers 360-degree marketing solutions to the Ethiopian market. We deliver on the clients’ marketing visions from thought to masterpiece.


Esua consists of a versatile and creative team with a solid understanding of what works for an organization in terms of branding, promoting, and selling their products or services.

Why Choose Esua?

At Esua, we always stand by one objective, which is to generate demand for our clients’ products or services.

Sound oversimplified? Maybe, but maybe not. It’s easy to find advertising services that are bluntly flashy but lack strategy.


We Listen: We take the time to learn about our clients’ company, product and/or services, competition, and visions, and goals.

We Get It: We understand budget constraints. No complex contracts. No ambiguous policies. Just great work! 


At Esua media, we move our audiences, your target market, into taking action by connecting with them emotionally.


We are devoted to delivering quality marketing solutions to our clients, putting Esua on every media corner.